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Geophysical Surveying & Mapping Services       
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Marine Engineering

Port and Harbor Operations
Environmental Consulting Services
Geophysical Surveying & Mapping Services
Custom Computer Programming Services
Computer Systems Design Services
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  • Project management of geophysical and Geo-technical survey work, from the beach to full ocean depth - shipboard and office-based support
  • Provision of route/cable engineering and slack planning from marine survey data - RPLs and preliminary SLD production
  • Production of burial feasibility and risk assessment reports, based on geophysical and geo-technical data
  • Production of landing site investigation reports, Desk-top (Cable Route) Studies and survey reports
  • Provision of experienced shipboard project managers/client representatives
  • Project management of environmental survey work - water column and sediment contaminant chemistry, Benthic Infauna studies
  • Program management of shipyard operations including day-to-day operational requirements for re-powering and re-flagging of foreign vessels to US registry.
  • Fiber optic cable survey
  • Cable installation route engineering and planning
  • Environmental assessments
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